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The name's Blue!

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The name's Blue!

Hey there, I'm Cyan (KEE-an)!I'm a self-taught, transgender, bisexual artist, and I've been doodling for over a decade now. Started as a fun little thing, and well, I just never hit the brakes! Currently 26, born in the US, raised in Spain, and now chilling in the Netherlands.Art is my jam, but I'm also into making fursuits! When I'm not buried in pieces of fur or playing with my cats, you can catch me losing hours to Baldur's Gate 3 – I'm losing hours of my life to this game, send help. I'm all about sculpting, sewing, embroidering, painting, and, hey, even some archery. Gotta take a break from art sometimes, right?I'm super pumped about expanding my gallery and helping folks bring their ideas to life. Oh, and did I mention I'm a massive horror buff?

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Art Prices
Terms Of Service

Art Prices

Character Waist-up💧 Any gender, any species.
💧 Extra characters are each 60$ for flats or 90$ for rendered.
💧 Price may vary depending on complexity.
💧 Add 30% to the price for NSFW!
80$ flat colored - 115$ fully rendered

Character Fullbody💧 Any gender, any species.
💧 Extra characters are each 80$ for flats or 120$ for shaded.
💧 Price may vary depending on complexity.
💧 Add 30% to the price for NSFW!
105$ flat colored - 160$ fully rendered

Reference Sheet💧 Any gender, any species!
💧 For the basic price you get a front/back view, with eye and mouth details/close ups.
💧 Depending on complexity, the base price will vary.
💧 Extra expression headshots are 23$ (20€) each.
💧 A bundle of 4 items can be added to your ref for 23$ (20€).
💧 To add a feral version to the ref, add 68$ (60€) to the total.
💧 If you want a NSFW ref, add 35$ (30€) to the total. It will include a close up detail shot.
Starting price is 150$

Terms of Service - Art Commissions

Customer agrees to the following💧Client must be 18+ in order to commission me.💧 I retain the right to display all commissioned work on any personal website, gallery or journal. If the commission is a time-sensitive gift the artist may delay public showcase at the clients request.💧 I retain all the rights to the commissioned artwork, including the right to make prints and merchandise. Image rights can be negotiated for a fee.💧 Displayed are the base prices, they are subject to change according to the complexity of both the characters, outfits and or props.💧 You will have the opportunity to ask for alterations of the work during the sketch stage. Requested revisions that diverge from the original commission theme/discussed idea, will incur additional charges, as well as changes asked for after the lineart has been completed.💧 The artwork may not be modified by the commissioner (or anyone else) after it is completed.💧 Art commissioned may not be turned into Non Fungible Tokens.💧 I maintain the right to decline your commission if I feel I cannot accomplish it.💧 Breaking my Terms of Service does not make you eligible for a refund, I retain the right to cancel your commission if not completed.💧 Communication with the customer can be maintained via Email/Twitter/Telegram, whichever is preferred by the client.💧 Only the commissioner may re-post the artwork with credit.💧 If for whatever reason I cannot accomplish your commission you will be promptly notified.💧 The client must read, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions before entering an agreement with me. By sending payment, it is understood that you have read and agree to these terms.

Copyright & Usage policyI retain full commercial and distribution rights to any commissions I produce. I do not claim ownership or the rights to intellectual property or the character(s) depicted in commissions, unless they are my own.As the artist, I am permitted to do the following:
💧Post the art on any website/social media of my choosing.
💧Crop, edit, or alter the image for promotional use.
💧Make prints, digital portfolios, CDs, books etc. of the artwork.
The commissioner is allowed to:
💧Use the copyrighted artwork for personal use only, unless agreed otherwise.
💧Print the art, and claim the right of their character(s), but not the drawing itself.
💧Use the art to promote themselves with proper credit given to the artist.
💧Post the artwork in their personal galleries, with full credit given to the artist.
Should Copyright Infringement occur, the client’s rights to the art will be forfeit.The following is considered Copyright infringement:
💧Reproducing, redistributing, or using the copyrighted artwork commercially.
💧Reselling/making money off the art without the artist’s prior consent
💧Claiming credit for the creation of the artwork.
💧Removing any watermarks/signatures.
💧Altering the artwork without my, the artist's, consent.

Payment & Refunds💧Payment will be made via Paypal for digital commissions, it will be requested of you via invoice.
💧The commissioner must pay for their commission up-front.
💧Additional charges might be added to your commission if there are too many changes or edits requested once the sketch has been approved, those will be billed separately.
💧Payment is required in full before being placed in the queue.
💧If a commission is needing to be cancelled before work has been started, the artist will retain 5% of the original payment as a convenience fee.
💧If a commission is needing to be cancelled after work has been started, or during the sketch stage, only a 50% refund can be issued as time and labor has already been invested.
💧If your commission is in the color stage or otherwise completed you may not receive a refund.
💧The Artist reserves a right to cancel a commission and issue a refund due to poor communication and rude or inappropriate behavior.

Commission Subject Reference💧My area of strength is anthropomorphic, feral and creature related commissions, but I am able to draw humans.
💧Do note that you are paying for my artistic vision in terms of color and placement, colors may be altered slightly to match my style or the overall look of the image.
💧Please keep in mind my style when commissioning me, if you think that a specific commission cannot be done within my limits, then you may want to reconsider commissioning me.

Will and won’t ListIf what you happen to want is not listed here, feel free to dm me and ask, I’m very open minded.💧I will not draw underage characters in NSFW situations under any circumstance.
💧I will not draw Human/Feral NSFW under any circumstance.
💧I will not depict hateful-imagery.
💧I will not depict Inflation, Vomit, Scat, Diapers or Filth.
I will draw pretty much anything else.
If you have any inquiry, please don’t be afraid to contact me!

Fursuit Prices
Terms Of Service

This section of my website is still under works! Thank you for the interest!

Terms of Service - Fursuits

AgreementsBy making a payment, you agree to the terms of service outlined below. It is your responsibility to read and understand these terms. Failure to do so will not excuse any violations.DisclaimersAllergy NoticePlease read this disclaimer carefully before engaging in any transactions or availing the services provided by I’m Blue Wisp. The purpose of this disclaimer is to inform you, as a customer, about potential allergens associated with fursuit-making services due to the fursuit maker's living arrangements.💧Allergen Exposure: I reside in a house where three cats are present. Despite making sincere efforts to maintain a clean and allergen-free work environment, it is important to note that it is impossible to guarantee a completely allergen-free space. Traces of cat hair or dander may unintentionally make their way into the workroom, potentially causing a risk of allergic reactions.💧Customer Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of their individual allergies and to take appropriate precautions to minimize any potential risks. The fursuit maker strongly advises customers with known allergies to pet dander, specifically cat hair, to carefully consider their decision before entering into any business arrangement for fursuit-making.💧Assurances and Warnings: The fursuit maker will make every reasonable effort to keep the work area as clean as possible and minimize the chances of allergens coming into contact with the materials or finished products. However, due to the nature of the fursuit-making process and the presence of cats in the vicinity, it cannot be guaranteed that the final product will be completely free of allergens.💧Liability Release: By using the services of the fursuit maker, the customer acknowledges and agrees to release the fursuit maker from any liability, claims, losses, damages, costs, or expenses, whether direct or indirect, resulting from any allergic reactions, discomfort, or health issues due to exposure to cat hair, dander, or other allergens associated with the fursuit-making process.💧Consultation with Medical Professional: The fursuit maker strongly advises customers who have a history of severe allergies or medical conditions associated with allergen exposure to consult with a qualified medical professional prior to engaging in any transactions or using the services offered. This will help customers make an informed decision in light of their specific health circumstances.By proceeding with any transactions or availing the services offered by I’m Blue Wisp, you indicate that you have thoroughly read, understood, and agreed to this disclaimer. If there are any concerns regarding allergies or potential risks associated with allergens, it is advised to refrain from engaging in any business with the fursuit maker.Please note that this disclaimer forms an integral part of the terms of service, and any dispute arising from its interpretation or application shall be subject to the laws governing the jurisdiction in which the fursuit maker operates.

ResponsibilitiesI’m Blue Wisp is not responsible for the damage on property or accidents caused by their products.
This includes:
💧Accidents caused by limited view
💧Accidents caused by others
💧Accidents caused by wrong usage of electronics.
Above points can be prevented with precaution and awareness. You'll receive a care guide with every order. It's the responsibility of the customer to read and follow this guide.

Payment💧Payment for fursuits is conducted through PayPal or bank transfer.
💧Please note that I’m Blue Wisp is a self-employed freelancer, and will send invoices regarding any payments required.
💧Any Paypal surcharges are at your own expense.
💧All payments are in Euro currency.
💧A non-refundable upfront payment of 30% is required to secure your spot in the queue. Full upfront payment grants priority in the production schedule as I’m Blue Wisp aims to prevent customers from waiting unnecessarily for their paid orders.
💧The remaining 70% can be paid through payment plans, but it must be fully settled within a maximum period of 6 months. Failure to complete the payment within this timeframe will result in the forfeiture of your slot.
💧If you wish to claim a spot after your application is selected, the upfront payment must be made.
💧The prices on my pricelist are starting prices, these prices are for simple products without major complexities. The more complicated, the higher the price. I can make an estimate for you if you send me an illustration of what you’re looking to have made.
💧Please fill out my quote form to get a quote.
💧Shipping costs are to be covered by the customer.

Working ProcessDetailed and visually clear references are essential for me to accurately create your fursuit. The more references you provide, the better I can understand your requirements. If any misunderstandings arise due to unclear or insufficient references, I will not accept any complaints in regards to the final product.The reference sheet should include:
💧At least two-sided images (front and back, non-shaded)
💧Clear close-ups of the face and the inside of the mouth.
Progress pictures will be shared with you as work is completed. However, please exercise patience and refrain from requesting constant updates, as I may not always be actively working on your suit. I am the sole employee for my business, meaning any and all creations are crafted by myself exclusively.If you desire artistic freedom, the aforementioned rules still apply.I will rectify any mistakes made on my part, such as errors in markings or other specified details.
If markings or other details are not mentioned in your reference sheet or clearly communicated to me, I will not be held responsible for making changes.
Please refrain from rushing the production process, as the speed of creating fursuits is subject to various factors. I’m Blue Wisp cannot provide an exact timeframe, especially if they have multiple commissions to fulfill. Additionally, I’m Blue Wisp reserves the right to undertake projects other than fursuits, so your understanding and patience are appreciated.I’m Blue Wisp does not copy the work or style of others, ensuring each creation is unique.The discussion of deadlines can be conducted on a case by case basis if requested.
I charge an additional fee for deadlines.
Keep in mind there may be a variation of 1-3cm from the given measurements, this is because the product is handmade.

MaterialsThe following materials are typically used by I’m Blue Wisp. If you prefer alternative materials, an additional fee may apply:💧Luxury shag/faux fur
💧SG25 foam
💧Scuba for lining
💧Gutterman thread
💧EVA foam

WarrantyI’m Blue Wisp provides a warranty to address any issues with broken seams or loose components. However, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with basic stitches to handle minor repairs. Please note that the warranty will no longer be valid if:💧The suit has been used for any sexual acts.
💧Another party repairs the suit without explicit permission from I’m Blue Wisp.
💧You intentionally damage the fursuit.
💧Any negative or defamatory remarks are made about myself or my business due to a small seam issue.
💧You engage in disrespectful or confrontational behavior towards myself or my business.
💧Failure to provide credit to I’m Blue Wisp.
Is there something not right about your order or do you think something is missing? Please contact me within 30 days of delivery. We will look for a solution together.If you are careful with your product, but still notice there is wear and tear after some time, then you are allowed to send it back to me for repairs! I will gladly repair it for you, you just have to pay the shipping. This is valid during the first year after you receive your fursuit.
For bigger repairs, for example replacing an eye etc., then I will ask you for a compensation for the materials used for the repairs.
If you want to sell your fursuit, you may not ask a higher price than what you paid yourself.
Warranty on the product is only valid for the commissioner; if a fursuit is resold, it is no longer covered by the above warranty.

Cancelation and RefundsI’m Blue Wisp reserves the right to refuse service or cancel a commission without providing a refund in circumstances involving exceptionally rude behavior, unclear communication, or previous instances of chargebacks.I’m Blue Wisp may decline a commission if they are unable or unwilling to fulfill the request.Cancellation of a commission may result in a full or partial refund, dependent on the reasons for cancellation.As the commissioner, you have the right to cancel the commission at any point. You will be eligible for a refund equivalent to the remaining progress achieved. For example, if a headbase has been completed before cancellation, I’m Blue Wisp will retain the cost of materials and the headbase, providing a refund for the remainder of the work completed (including time and materials incurred up until that point).In the event you choose to cancel your commission, as the commissioner, you will receive a refund for the labor costs of the unfinished product. Products or materials that have been bought and/or have been worked on, will not be refunded.The 30% downpayment is non refundable.Returns are accepted for unused items within 30 days of receiving them. If it is visibly used, this offer becomes void, and you will not receive a refund.

ShippingI’m Blue Wisp offers the following shipping options for orders with a value up to €200:
💧Pick up at the address of I’m Blue Wisp by appointment.
💧Pick up at an event by appointment.
💧Secured shipment by PostNL. I’m Blue Wisp charges the prices as set by PostNL.
I’m Blue Wisp offers the following shipping options for orders with a value above €200:
💧Pick up at the address of I’m Blue Wisp by appointment.
💧Pick up at an event by appointment.
💧In the event the commissioner decides that they will not use one of the options as stated above, all the risks that come with shipping are for the customer, as stated in article 7:11 of the Dutch civil code. I’m Blue Wisp will ask for a written and signed document to confirm the understanding and acknowledgement of this prior to shipping.
Shipping costs are always for the commissioner, unless agreed otherwise.
The customer is responsible to read about the shipping options in my terms of service.

Artist Rights💧I’m Blue Wisp retains the right to use any rejected headbases for future projects.
💧I'm Blue Wisp, as a thank you for reading through all this, you can receive an extra goodie with your commission - just let me know your favorite food.
💧In the event of a commission cancellation, I’m Blue Wisp reserves the right to repurpose and utilize the progress made on the fursuit for subsequent creations.
💧I’m Blue Wisp reserves the right to refuse service or cancel a commission without issuing a refund to those who engage in exceptionally rude behavior, exhibit poor communication skills, or have a history of chargebacks.
💧I’m Blue Wisp may reject a commission request if they are unable or unwilling to fulfill it.
💧Cancellation of a commission by I’m Blue Wisp may result in a full or partial refund, depending on the circumstances.
💧I’m Blue Wisp is authorized to modify and update these terms of service as deemed necessary.
💧The completed fursuits may be publicly displayed in I’m Blue Wisp's gallery & portfolio.

My Convention Merchandise!

Roadkill Rascals Pin Collection!The Roadkill Rascals is my very first collection of funny and quirky pins featuring three beloved urban animals: possums, pigeons, and raccoons. These pins are designed to celebrate the resilience and charm of these animals, even though they are often considered "roadkill" in our cities. Each pin depicts one of the animals in a playful and lighthearted way, such as a possum taking a ‘nap’, a pigeon with their prized possession, or a raccoon, suffering from the tummy aches.

Witchy pinsBlack magic pin duo, one pin features a mischievous cat in a cauldron, proudly declaring, "if I fits, I sits" – a lil nod to feline antics. The other pin is a mystical Ouija board pointer with a cosmic twist, "stay wild moon child". Together, they're a bewitching blend of playful charm and moonlit magic!

Mini Partials!For each con, I do my best to bring at least two premades to find forever homes among the fandom!
I've built a wide variety of species!
Here are some of the suits I've built:

Buttons Galore!
There will be a wide variety of buttons (32mm) available at the con, I’m always working on more designs, so keep an eye out!🌸✨

Buttons Variety!
These buttons (32mm) come in a variety of colors to fit your personal taste! I’m always working on more designs, so keep an eye out!🌸✨

A selection of whimsical furry & miscellaneous (most importantly, cryptid) bunch of stickers to decorate whatever you feel needs a lil magic!

A5 Prints
A collection of prints featuring my favorite & best works!

A4 Prints
A collection of prints featuring my favorite & best works! - But BIGGER!

A3 Prints
A collection of prints featuring my favorite & best works! - But HUGE!

At Con Art Commissions!
I will be offering limited at con traditional work while I’m there! Don’t miss your shot to nab a one of a kind piece! Done on recycled paper, A5 size!